10 essential apps for mums

Forget Tinder, Uber and Angry Birds, now you’re a parent, your searches on the app store are more likely to be a) child-related and b) panic-driven (something to help them go to sleep…now…please?) We’ve been there and done that, so here are out top 10 best apps for new parents:

Baby Connect

What it does: Tracks everything you need to remember, from which side you last fed from to how much you pumped last night. Stick your baby’s vaccination schedule in there, first words, weight, height – even how many dirty nappies he produces a day. Occasionally annoying Americanisms aside (poopy/diaper), this is a lifesaver.

Perfect for: Those suffering from extreme baby brain

Cost: £2.99

 The Wonder Weeks

What it does: Tracks your baby’s mental development in the first 20 months. Really handy for understanding what’s going on in your baby’s brain, and helping him make the leap between developmental phases more easily. Particularly handy when you’re not sure why your previously placid baby starts waking every hour or being super-fussy.

Perfect for: Busy parents who don’t have time to read the book.

Cost: £1.49

NCT Babychange

What it does: Helps you find your nearest baby-changing facilities while you’re out and about. You can search by ladies/gents, leave feedback on cleanliness and look for well-reviewed places. Relies fairly heavily on user data, so can be a little out of date depending on where you’re using it.

Perfect for: Any parent with a child who poos

Cost: Free

First Focus: Ladybird Baby Touch

What it does: Stimulates and entertains very young babies with a series of high-contrast pictures in black, white and yellow. Choose from four different animations; each can be played individually or as one long-running play, with soothing music in the background. Perfect for: When you’re on the move and feeling guilty that your child’s just being dragged from pillar to post.

Cost: £1.99

Here & Now

What it does: A new app that offers a comprehensive list of family activities in the UK. Infinitely preferable to trawling the internet, and all of the activities have been created by a network of parents, so you’ve got some level of trust in what’s on there. Has over 6,000 listings, including everything from what time they’re feeding the lions at your local zoo to children’s cinema listings.

Perfect for: Inspiration on rainy days

Cost: Free

Annabel’s Essential Guide to Feeding your Baby and Toddler

What it does: Helps you plan for a cook healthy and tasty meals for your children, from the first stages of weaning through to family meals. Includes helpful meal planners and top tips from the children’s food expert Annabel Karmel. Brilliant if you’ve forgotten your shopping list at the supermarket, or need a bit of inspiration for something that’s in the fridge.

Perfect for: Inspiration in the kitchen

Cost: £3.99

Cloud Baby Monitor

What it does: Turns your phone or iPad into a video baby monitor via a wifi network. Download the app onto two devices and then leave one in your baby’s room as the ‘child unit’ and take the other one with you as the ‘parent unit’. Does run down the battery, so don’t forget your charger.

Perfect for: Tightwads who don’t want to fork out hundreds on a real video monitor

Cost: £2.49

Sleep Pillow

What it does: Provides a set of 70 ambient sounds designed to get you off to the land of Nod. If rain dripping down the window soothes your bub to sleep, this is the app for you. Likewise wind chimes, motor boats (?!), a crackling bonfire or that old classic, the whale noise.

Perfect for: The sleep deprived who are willing to try anything

Cost: £1.49

Baby and Child First Aid by British Red Cross

What it does: Offers simple advice and answers to frequently-asked questions on 17 first aid scenarios, from an asthma attack to a broken bone, as well as what to do in an emergency situation. Step-by-step instructions and animations make it easy for even the most panic-challenged of adults to use.

Perfect for: Getting essential information fast

Cost: Free

Childcare UK

What it does: Lets you search for local childcare providers, from babysitters to private tutors. Has over 300,000 childcare providers, each of whom has their own profile, and you can check out reviews too.

Perfect for: Starting your search for the perfect nanny

Cost: Free

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