10 brilliant science ideas for kids to try at home

Little Learning Seeds founder Laura Clifford shares some top resources to encourage science learning at home.

This coming week is British Science Week (11-20 March) and children will no doubt be undertaking all sorts of exciting projects at school. Experiments, understanding life cycles, creating bangs, predicting, evaluating, exploring materials and understanding how and why things work are all incredible elements of the science curriculums at different stages. An often under-rated subject, science requires creative thinking, risk taking and experimenting with the unknown, all important skills that science helps children to develop in fun and hands on ways.

Science projects don’t have to be reserved for school-time though. These days, there many brilliant science resources and ideas out there for you to enjoy with your children at home. Here are some of my favourites

BBC Science

Full of brilliant clips, videos, explanations and activities for all ages. And a definite improvement on Peppa Pig. Log on to bbc.co.uk/science

Usborne books

Often particularly good for otherwise reluctant readers, there are plenty of science based themed books here to engage children. Our favourites are 100 Science Experiments & Big Book of Science: Things to Make and Do. Both £9.99, available at amazon.co.uk, usborne.com or thebookpeople.co.uk

Insect Butterfly Garden

Buy your own set and watch them grow, hatch and then release the beautiful butterflies into the wild. A wonderful home project for children of all ages. £11.99 from amazon.co.uk


Give your kids a magnet and ask them to trawl around the house finding items that are magnetic. A really fun game that will entertain them (while keeping them out your hair, oh, for at least 45 minutes).

Space / Animal / Nature TorchIMG_5711

Good for those who protest at lights out time, I love these alternative torches that project images onto walls and ceilings. £5.00 from amazon.co.uk

3D glow in the dark planets

Hang these from your child’s bedroom ceiling to create their very own solar system. £4.99 from amazon.co.uk

Wild Science Bath Bomb Factory

Eliminate bath-time battles by turning it into a sneaky home science lesson with this fun-filled kit to make your own bath bombs. £14.99 from brightminds.co.uk

Science Museum

Short of a visit, the next best thing to the wonderful London Science Museum is its fantastic website with brilliant online games that will develop the mind rather than rot it. sciencemuseum.org.uk

Horrible Science Kits

Galt toys offers a brilliant range and I can think of a few who’d love the Bouncy Eyeballs & Violent Volcano Kit. £5.99 from galttoys.com

Primary Science Kit

A comprehensive kit full of some serious science fun. £20.00, made by the brilliant Learning Resources. This will happily fill up a rainy afternoon. learningresources.co.uk


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