24 DIY Projects For Kids

Now Make This comes out in April.
A whole load of DIY projects all in one book! Now Make This is a brilliant present for young DIY enthusiasts and parents needing something to do with their children on a rainy day.

For the young makers in the family, comes Now Make This, a beautifully designed handbook offering unique and exciting DIY projects for kids. This unusual and engaging book of activities grants children access to world-class design in their very own homes, and may even inspire a few to become designers themselves!

This visually rich and standout title features a wide variety of exclusive projects from the workshops of famous designers and industrial creators around the world including Jaime Hayon, Matali Crasset and Sebastian Bergne. From Tip Top Flip-Flops and CD Spinners to Propeller Planes and Sweet Wrapper Lamps all of the practical yet unusual projects cater specifically to a young audience in their conception, interactivity and complexity.

Each entry offers a photographic list of tools and materials, a portrait of the finished piece, and illustrated step-by-step instructions, giving young makers a quick and easy reference at every stage. This colourful, user-friendly volume also features information about the approximate cost and time to complete, templates for tracing, as well as an icon to signal when adult help is required.

Now Make This is perfectly timed to coincide with the DIY rebirth and ‘Maker Movement’ trend – bringing reliable and original products from renowned designers and artists into your own hands. This timely publication also spotlights the importance of recycling, championing everyday items and encouraging children to create and be inspired by their surroundings. Perfect for weekends, rainy days, family fun or school projects, Now Make This is a must-have for hands-on kids and creative minds alike.

It’s out in April but you can pre-order your copy on Amazon. 

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