25 signs you’re a competitive mama

We’ve all come across them. We may even be one of them. Unfortunately, pushy and competitive mamas are everywhere and a recent survey of 1,378 British mums shows just how annoying they can be, plastering pictures of their perfect family all over social media, producing “Bake-Off” standard cakes for every birthday, and parading around the school gate in exercise gear.

The study, conducted to mark the DVD and Blu-ray release of Nativity 3: Dude, Where’s My Donkey? due for release November 2nd, found that four out of five mums admit they feel incredible pressure to impress their child’s teachers – not to mention other parents – despite insisting that they are not competitive.

The only question is: how many of the following are you guilty of?

25 signs that you’re a competitive mama

1. You queue up for ages before a school play, just to get front seats.

2. Your Facebook/Instagram feed is stuffed full of pictures and videos of your perfect family life and adorable children #blessed.

3. You produce ‘Bake Off’ standard cakes for birthdays/ the school fair and share pictures on social media.

5. You spend weeks creating and hand-making outfits for school plays and Birthday tablefancy dress.

6. You throw extravagant children’s parties for Halloween, Easter, birthdays and Christmas and give out expensive party bags.

7. Your children attend every club/class going.

8. You quiz other parents on how parents’ evening went.

9. You ask how someone else’s baby is sleeping.

10. You smile beatifically at everyone.

11. Your children are enrolled in extra-curricular classes such as Kumon, computing or music.

12. You always look immaculate.

13. Your children always look immaculate.

14. You dress your child in a very styled way (like a skater, or a hipster, or a Fashion kid girlhippy).

15. You pick up/drop off your children up from school/nursery in exercise gear.

16. Your house is always tidy.

17. Your children never watch telly. They prefer books anyway.

18. Your pretend to be more relaxed than you are.

19. You spend hours helping your children with their homework.

20. Your children only eat organic food.

21. Your children never eat sugar.

20. You look amazing straight after childbirth and post pictures on social media.

21. You think (secretly) that your child is the cleverest/ most confident/ well-adjusted/talented/advanced.Depositphotos_53662867_s-2015

22. You’re always hosting tea parties/coffee mornings.

23. You’re on the school committee/PTA and volunteer for everything.

24. You address the teacher loudly by her first name to show how well you get on.

25. You have a new and very big car (probably a Range Rover, and probably badly parked).

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