30 of the funniest questions asked by kids

Illustration by Katie Kirby.

My godfather has never quite gotten over the time my brother asked innocently why his legs were like tree bark. Meanwhile, I remember well my teenage cousin turning puce when another much younger cousin asked him why his face was covered in red dots. Er, that would be the chronic acne, Tamara. Shh!

Why? How? Where? What? When? As your child grows and develops and becomes more curious about the world, he or she will inevitably start to ask questions. A LOT of questions. Relentlessly. All day long. Some of them can be answered fairly easily, some will make you laugh out loud, some (see above) will make you cringe, and some will leave you completely stumped, but the chances are you’ll never be bored…

As part of a recent survey, Kiddicare asked parents to share some of the weirdest/funniest questions posed by their children (apparently the car is their favourite place to really fire them out). Here are some of the top 30, with illustrations by Katie Kirby of Hurrah for Gin.

30 brain-teasers posed by kids

1. Where does the car go to sleep?

2. Mummy, why do your boobies look so sad?unnamed

3. Why is the road there Mummy?

4. Why don’t babies come out of your mouth? It would be a lot easier!

5. Is Mother Nature married to God?

6. Why didn’t you call me Dave?

7. Why can’t I have ketchup with cookies?

8. Who is this and why? (holding a tangerine)

9. What is it like to be a girl?

10. Why can you drink Coke and I can’t?

11. Who makes eyes?

12. Why is poo brown if you eat green vegetables?unnamed-2

13. Why is it Tuesday?

14. Why does the moon follow us home?

15. Why don’t dogs walk on two legs like us?

16. Why do you have blood and bones in your body? I don’t want them, take them out!

17. Mummy, why does your forehead crease?

18. How would a monkey eat without a mouth?

19. Why is water wet?

20. Where do balloons go?

21. Why do boys have tails?

22. But how do you get the pork out of the pig?

23. How do snails work?unnamed-1

24. Why is the sun so spicy?

25. Why is someone stealing my blood?

26. Why do you have to go to work?

27. How do the people fit in the TV?

28. Why don’t frogs eat cheese?

29. How do we know what’s real?

30. Why is it raining today?  It’s ‘Sun’day!

What’s the weirdest/funniest question your child has ever asked?


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