5 Fun Ways To Encourage Your Children To Exercise

Fun ways to get your child exercising
Fun ways to get your child exercising
Research shows that children who exercise are happier, slimmer and fitter and more likely to thrive at school. Here are some ways to get your children out into the great outdoors

Maybe we all look back on our childhoods with rose tinted spectacles but don’t you remember itching to get outside and play?

The same cannot be said for most kids today, though. A recent study has shown that only 1 in 3 children are physically active every day.

It seems they would much spend a day looking at a screen rather than running around like mad things in their own garden. Such a shame!

Research shows that it is crucial to teach our children healthy exercise habits when they’re young. Children who exercise are happier, slimmer and fitter and more likely to thrive at school.

Despite all the competition from screens, thankfully there are still plenty of ways you can encourage your children to get active.


Bring Technology Outdoors

You know what? If you can’t beat them, join them. As kids these days are all about the latest technology, why not embrace it why thinking of ways you can getting them to do more exercise?  Cunning.

If you give your pre-teen a fitbit , you can make it a competition to see who can get the most steps in a day. For younger children, simply timing then to run laps around the garden with a cheap digital Casio can be the source of endless entertainment (and an elevated heart rate).


Find Their “Thing” 

Children are much more likely to stick to something if they actually enjoy it. So don’t waste time nagging them; work at discovering something they truly enjoy doing outdoors. It might be football, or mud club or riding. Whatever.  After school clubs are a great opportunity to try out new things.

There is a whole world of possibilities for your child to explore. Let them try lots of different things and see which one they enjoy the most.


Think Outside the Box

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. It doesn’t all have to playing in the garden or sports day.  They can rollerblade, scooter or skate. You could take them to a skate park. It can be fun for all ages. You can even get toddler scooters so little ones can get involved. Just make sure to get helmets and plenty of padding, too.


There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather

Just the wrong kit! We LOVE Muddy Puddles for clothing for all types of British weather. If your child is warm and dry they will be much happier outside, even in the rain. Who doesn’t like putting on wet weather gear and wellies and heading out into the wind to fly a kite and jump in some puddles?

It’s worth it for that wonderful feeling you get when you come back inside….


Set Them Goals

Nothing like the incentive of an ice cream or a babyccino to get your child out the door. We don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little bribery to get your child outdoors!

It could be a walk with an incredible view,  a day at the beach, a picnic in the forest. Once children are outside surrounded by nature they tend to forget about screens and charge around like we used to.

Don’t take on too much – you don’t want to put them off.

If you get it right, however, your kids will become more outdoorsy and less inclined to spend the day gaming.

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