4 Reasons Why Your Child Might Not Focus At School

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Every parent wants their child to succeed at school.

And if they enjoy school and naturally apply themselves then they probably will.

What, though, if you child needs a little more encouragement? Not all children find it easy to focus in the classroom or feel enamoured by the idea of going to school each day. 

Here are some of the most common reasons why children start falling short at school:

They Aren’t Used To It

Younger children tend to have a hard time focusing in the classroom simply because it is a new environment for them.

When an older child changes schools the same thing can happen. 

There isn’t much that you can do to help them with this, except encourage them to do their homework when they get home and encourage them to immerse themselves in school life as much as possible.

After the holidays, try to get them back in to a routine as quickly as possible, putting them to bed on time and making sure they are up in the morning with plenty of time to get ready at a leisurely pace. This will make the drudgery of the school week more bearable!

They Don’t Get It

There is a big difference between not concentrating and not understanding. You may think that your child has poor concentration but it may be that they are struggling to understand the material that is being put in front of them.

If you suspect this might be the case, talk to their teachers. It might be that they need some extra help on this topic. Children grasp concepts at different speeds and in different ways and there is no shame in this. Make sure that your child’s school is giving them all the help they need – at schools such as leicesterhigh.co.uk everyone is someone. 

They’re Not Challenged 

Another reason why your child may not be concentrating as much as they could be is because they are bored. Children who are not being challenged may lose interest in their lessons and start daydreaming or fooling around.

If you suspect this is the case, try to enrol them in challenging out of school activities, such as a maths club where they will be required to try complex equations.

Once they are inspired by a subject, they are much more likely to concentrate.

However, it’s worth pointing out to them that not all learning is fun, just as not every aspect of your job is fun.

Sometimes you just have to put in the hard graft…

They’re Distracted

The classroom can be a very distracting place. There are the kids who like to chat, cluttered desks and administrative frustrations such as pens not working properly or not having a ruler.

It may be that the classroom environment is acting as a distraction for your child and preventing them from  getting their head down.

There’s very little you can do about the noise levels in the classroom (and besides, studies show that children can concentrate with a low level of background noise) but you can make sure they’ve got the right stationary.

Your child’s teacher will hopefully separate your child from distracting friends during lessons; if this has not happened, it might be worth suggesting it. 

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