5 amazing benefits of pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga guru Tara Lee gives her top five reasons for keeping up a yoga practice (or starting one!) during pregnancy.

1. It improves your circulation, creates space and helps you feel better in your body. This is particularly helpful as when you are pregnant you have 50% more blood and body fluids.

This can cause swelling, oedema and discomfort if you don’t move enough. Yoga stretches help to create more space for your body and your baby, move fluids around the body preventing it from collecting at the extremities.

Yoga stretches relieve tension and help prevent aches and pains commonly associated with pregnancy such as back pain, hip pain, sciatica etc

2. It boosts your mood. Endorphins are produced while you do yoga making you feel happier and more energised. Yoga also helps calm the mind and balance the emotions.

3. Sleep! This can be a challenge, especially in the later stages of pregnancy, but yoga is fantastic for helping with insomnia as it calms the nervous system.

4. It helps you become stronger and prepares you for labour. The postures will help build strength which is important for stability as your baby gets heavier.

Yoga poses strengthen our hips, back, arms and shoulders. The breathing practices will help you cope better in your labour as you learn to breathe through contractions and let go of fear.

5. Connecting to your baby. Practicing yoga helps you to slow down and focus attention to what is going on in your body increasing your awareness and feeling more connected to your baby.

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