5 Expert Tips for Renting Out Your Home While You’re On Holiday

Renting out your home for short lets can be a great revenue stream
Renting out your home for short lets can be a great revenue stream
With over 10,000 bookings managed since 2009, Ivy is one of London’s most experienced short rentals agencies. Here founder Guy Van der Westhuizen gives some expert advice for anyone considering letting out their home while they're away.

Jetting off skiing or for some winter sun any time soon?

Renting out your home while you’re away is an appealing proposition – your home earns its keep, while you enjoy your holiday.

Those who have tried it, however, often complain that it quickly become more hassle than it’s worth.

This doesn’t have to be the way, though, says Guy van der Westhuizen, managing director of lettings company,  Ivy.

Here he shares his 5 tips to navigate the minefield:

1. Don’t do it yourself

Don’t underestimate the work involved in preparing your home for incoming guests, or cleaning up after them. It’s likely to quickly put you off wanting to do it again.

Get a reputable agency to help you instead – although they’ll charge you for it, they’ll take care of the whole process and more importantly, be on hand to deal with any issues when you’re on a beach 3,000 miles away.

Additionally, a good agency will help increase your home’s exposure beyond simply listing it on Airbnb.


2. Make your home available for a worthwhile length of time

Most family homes will need a bit of home preparation/decluttering to prepare them for short lets and so you’ll want to make sure it’ll be worth your while.

Set a minimum length of stay of at least 5-7 nights and if you can make the home available for a continuous period of several weeks (or months) at a time to allow a string or bookings or one longer one, then all the better.

3. Make sure everything works!

If you have to kick your washing machine quite hard for the door to open, that loo seat is very wobbly or you need to remember to lay out 3 bathmats before taking a shower because you’ve haven’t managed to fix that leak yet, use this opportunity as a catalyst to fix these niggles.



It’ll mean happier guests, better reviews, less expense (it’s cheaper to fix these problems before a stay than during it) and a better home for you.

4. Check no neighbouring works

If your neighbour is having their basement done or has other major works planned which will coincide with your bookings, this can cause real issues.

Depending on how bad the works will be, you can propose compensation or give them the option to book somewhere else. Don’t stick your head in the sand and hope they won’t complain.

5. Get your kids on board!

You’ll know that kids can be very protective of their bedrooms!

Tell them that you’ll have people staying and ask them which toys they’re happy for them to play with.

Perhaps leaving Leo’s Lego masterpiece or Alannah’s Sylvanian intricate hedgehog kingdom out may be inviting trouble.

And maybe reward them with a toy from your rental income once you return home…


If you’d like to discuss listing with Ivy or have any questions about the process, please just get in touch: 020 7349 7015 | hosts@ivylettings | ivylettings.com/hosts

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With over 10,000 bookings managed since 2009, Ivy is one of London’s most experienced short rentals agencies. We market our homes to our exclusive Ivy database of 25,000 former and referred guests and on all major booking platforms. All our bookings are fully managed and insured.

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