My 5 favourite kid clothing labels

So I probably spend a tiny bit too much time thinking about my boy’s wardrobe. I’m on a permanent mission to find clothes that somehow manage to be stylish AND practical (something I hope I’ll be one day). That’s my excuse.

These are the brands I’m going nuts for at the moment…


If you haven’t heard of this, it’s like a nightmare brand for us Indoorsy types. I get a migraine going near the place but my husband can spend hours in there. I’m secretly quite envious of friends who wear Patagonia light-weight duvet Michelin Man style jackets so I bought one for Lars and they are incredible. Perfect in all kinds of weather. The trend here is the fuscia blue jacket for boys and dadahhhh the purple for the little ladies. The playgrounds are filled with them.



It’s just one great big “Basic”. T shirts, long sleeve tops, etc. It’s aimed at women and more recently babies and kids. The Jersey material is so so soft. There are a lot of stripes for the kids which isn’t always my thing but if you can breeze over some of the rather dull colour combinations you will find some lovely baby gros, cardigans and little sets in muted, graphic prints.


Kickee Pants

So sweet on babies. Again this a beautiful soft jersey material made into all sorts of babygro combinations. They have some rather lovely prints. Its also one of the few places you can find pure white babygrows for toddlers. Yum.



Mini Rodini

Cool kids, cool babies and rich parents. I saved up for a little jumper for Lars, when I say saved up I’m actually lying. I just bought it. I should be ashamed of myself. I am not thinking about our future at all. It’s Graphic and Japanese esque and I adore it (and I think he quite likes it too). Their trousers are also cut beautifully, with a flattering structure.




Organic and beautiful. Muted yummy colors in greys, blues and whites. We have quite a few Nui Classic Jumpers, they last a long time as they are long and stretchy and are worn fitted. I think Lars is still wearing his 12 months size – even though he is over 2 now.










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