Fussy Eater? 5 Healthy Foods For Your Toddler To Try

food for fussy eaters
It’s natural to worry about whether your little one is eating enough of the right things, especially if they start refusing foods some days, and showing signs of fussy eating.  Here are some food recommendations for fussy eaters...

Is your toddler going through a food refusal phase?

Don’t worry, we’ve got some tips for fussy eaters.

Toddler’s taste buds are constantly evolving, which can make mealtimes a minefield as foods once enjoyed are perhaps now refused, even if they only look slightly different!

Having fun exploring a variety of foods, and learning to enjoy new tastes and textures – even those your toddler may be fussy about – can really help.

Lucy Thomas, Organix’ children’s food expert, suggests 5 foods for fussy toddlers to try – and they’re not just for tricky toddlers, they’ll help encourage a love of good food in all little ones!  And don’t despair if your little one is slow to like a new food, just try it again another day.

Stick To What They Know

Offer a food that’s “like” something they enjoy. If they love cucumber, try slices of raw courgette, and chopped Organix Goodies raisins are “like” dates.

Fruit fun

Forks can turn any chunk of fruit into a lollipop, try pieces of strawberry, pineapple, melon or kiwi.

Licking the fruit allows them to be in charge of how much they taste.

Citrus fizz 


Get “Fizzical” and help your child to squeeze segments of fruit, like orange or grapefruit, into a bowl to release the juice. Demonstrate how to dip your finger into the juice and paint a spot on your tongue –follow this with an enthusiastic wiggle to counteract the wiggly ziggly flavour in your mouth.

Smashing spinach sauce 

The transition from weaning to toddler meals can sometimes be tricky, so a great way to bridge the gap is to adapt puree favourites into toddler meals with tasty soups and sauces.

Spinach can become smashing spinach sauce with a touch of basil and olive oil which will seem much more appetizing.

Messy fruit & veggies 

Let your toddler squash a tomato while you’re cooking. If they feel comfortable handling a food they are more likely to want to eat it. Having food adventures away from the table is a good idea – try the garden where you can kiss a carrot then kick a football, or in the bath to see if the food floats or sinks.

You’ll find lots more advice, tips, and recipes ideas at www.organix.com


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