5 London Half Term Ideas For Older Kids

Sixes Cricket Simulator
Sixes Cricket Simulator

I love October half term. It’s all about autumn and Halloween and fireworks, without any of the pressure to have fun that comes with the Christmas holidays.

I don’t plan to do much with my four: just being together at home or walking up to the common for a hot chocolate seems pretty appealing right now.

The boys are already starting to ask what are we doing in half term, though. Hence I’ve put together a few activities that older children might look forward to.

Skate camp

At Zebra skateboarding/ rollerblading camp, children will learn the basics in a safe environment, with the correct-sized kit. My boys loved it. They made progress (not difficult, given what a low base they were starting from) and came home with a medal.


We’re trying this during half term. Sixes is a new cricket simulator and social venue based in Fitzrovia and Fulham; a place to eat burgers, drink fizzy drinks and bat.

What could be better?


Will you go to the Moon or explore the deepest oceans? Will you survive Zombie apocalypse with your team or solve mysteries of the Lost Pyramid? We’ve taken the boys to VR a couple of times now. Be prepared for them to shout a lot over the headsets and shoot you at point blank range. It’s surreal but amusing. Definitely recommend (even for fearless 6s, although ask for the tamest games, obviously).  Battersea Power Station, Hammersmith and Camden.

Gravity Bowling

I’d forgotten how fun ten-pin bowling was until we took the boys in Devon a few months ago. They loved the loud music and lights and the way they could see their names on the screen above us. We went all out and ordered drinks to the lane, and then of course it got competitive and there were tears but they wanted to do it again the following weekend.

Go To The Movies

I always loved taking the boys to watch a film but they’re old enough now to appreciate a really good cinema. Our new favourite is the ArchLight at Battersea Park – there is a bar and sweet shop in the entrance and enormous seats in the front row.

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