5 new baby sleep essentials

Harriet Dyball's top five sleep kit recommendations
Harriet Dyball's top five sleep kit recommendations

A pregnant friend recently asked which bits of baby kit I’d found invaluable with my son, Charles, now one, in the early months.

I have to admit that those first weeks are a distant memory, which I suspect is nature’s clever way of making you forget how tough those first sleep deprived days are – to ensure you’re crazy enough to try for another baby.

There are, however, definitely some stand out item that were completely invaluable early on, many of which I still use now.

Here are my top FIVE recommendations:

Miracle blanket

If you are going to go down the swaddling route I think the Miracle Blanket is fantastic. Yes, you can absolutely just use a muslin and to be honest it probably works just as well but if you’re new to swaddling (as I was) and not confident that you’d get the whole thing right, this is for you. It is cut in the perfect shape and comes with easy instructions on how to swaddle your baby to perfection.  Miracle Blanket, £16.99, amazon.co.uk

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 16.52.09


Merino sleeping bags

There are so many different types of baby sleeping bags to choose from but the beauty of a merino version is that you can use it all year round – so no agonising decisions to make about whether it’s time to change the tog rating. Merino Kids, £55, johnlewis.co.uk 

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 16.54.02

A mobile with a detachable music box

Whilst you can buy some really pretty wooden mobiles I would highly recommend a plastic one with detachable music box. As a tiny babe Charles loved watching the mobile go round and listening to the music. Now, as a one-year-old, after getting him dressed in the morning, I pop him back in his cot for 20 minutes with the music box part of the mobile and he happily gurgles away to it while I take a shower. Tiny Love mobile, £49.95, johnlewis.co.uk

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 16.57.13

Blackout blind

I have a strong emotional attachment to our blackout blind as I am convinced it has helped Charles to sleep through the night. There are probably a host of other reasons for this too, but the blind goes everywhere with us! Blackout blinds can be particularly invaluable on holiday or anywhere you’re staying with flimsy, opaque curtains, which has happened on both our recent trips to France. Go-anywhere blind, £21.99, johnlewis.co.uk

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 16.58.06

And finally a torch

Sounds like an odd one to add to the list. However, if you want to make your baby aware of the difference between night and day and are planning to keep everything dark at night, a torch will be invaluable – particularly if you have a winter baby and it really is pitch black in the middle of the night. Maglite Mini, £16.19, amazon.co.uk

Maglite Mini


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