5 simple tasks to encourage children’s writing

Encourage writing in little ones by incorporating these tasks into their daily play, says Little Learning Seeds founder, Laura Clifford

The key to encouraging a love of writing is providing many opportunities for children to pick up a pencil, pen, paintbrush, crayon or other writing tool and go with it. Allow writing by encouraging children to have a go and incorporating it into their daily play. It may take 20 attempts before a task is completed or even approached with a smile, and if it’s not working one day, simply try again another another time.

Below are a list of ideas for writing tasks, which can be used for a variety of ages, depending on the level of support needed from older and more experienced hands. Share the writing, copy and trace, use each other’s ideas and, most of all, have fun!


It is so much fun receiving a postcard through the post. Write to family members, godparents or friends – or even let your child post something back to himself or a favourite toy! Make it an even more exciting experience by taking your little learner to the post office to buy the stamp and post it through the letter box.


Write letters to fantasy world characters such as fairies or pirates, to a friend or a simple thank you note. All letters are meaningful and again the joy of delivering by hand or a trip to the post box makes the whole experience even more enjoyable.

Signs & Labels

Write labels for drawers, toy boxes, rooms in the house, objects around the house, garden labels or bedroom door signs. Labels provide easy and short written exercises that allow children to decorate, personalise and take pride in what they see them around them.


Make list for shopping, packing, things to do, favourite things or jobs to be done. Again, these give easy one word manageable tasks, which children love to do. Make them feel even more important by taking the list shopping with you or putting their list on the fridge in pride of place. They will love crossing things off to-do lists – just as much as we all do once a job is done or an item bought!


Encourage them to make maps for treasure, pirates, princesses, roads, villages or towns, local areas, houses, gardens etc. Maps provide a great way for children to not only draw, but label specific things on their own map. And it provides hours of entertainment afterwards. Now the weather is better, you can try giving them bits of chalk to draw maps or arrows on paving stones, an outdoor terrace or wall.


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