5 Thing You Need To Know About Your Baby’s Teeth

caring for baby teeth
Dr. Uchenna Okoye of London Smiling on the five things you might not know about caring for baby teeth...

After weeks of watching your baby drool and fuss, when you finally spot that fleck of white on the gums, you know a new chapter in your baby’s life is about to begin.

The gummy smile will soon be replaced by rows of bright, white baby teeth.

Dr. Uchenna Okoye of London Smiling qualified at Guy’s Hospital, King’s College London and was the resident dentist on Channel 4’s 10 Year’s Younger – so, it’s safe to say she knows what’s best for your pearly whites. Here she divulges five things you might not know about caring for baby teeth:

They’re susceptible to decay, just like adult teeth

They need to be looked after just the same. You should also take care to brush the gums before the teeth come through to ensure the mouth is healthy!

They’re the blueprints for your adult teeth

So you don’t want your child to lose them unnecessarily. Where baby teeth grow guides where the adult teeth will sprout in their place, and if they come out prematurely, they can make your child’s adult teeth wonky! Ouch.

They’re whiter than white

Practically Daz-grade whiteness. Baby teeth are whiter than adult teeth, but still need to be cared for.

Baby teeth form even before the child is born

Even while your baby is in the womb, the DNA-prints for their teeth are being arranged. Mums-to-be should always keep their calcium levels in check!

Kids are teething up until 40 months

This means you have to make sure that your child has hard things to chew on throughout as this helps to break the gums in. But stick to healthy food, such as carrots, and not hard sweets!

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