5 ways to help overcome unexplained infertility

Around one in seven couples may have difficulty conceiving. Infertility is an issue affecting both men and women – approximately 3.5 million people in the UK.

Saffron Rogerson, nutritional therapist, is dedicated to supporting couples or individuals who want to conceive and may be experiencing emotional and/or life stress. She is running a Mind, Body, Fertility workshop with other complementary practitioners next month (see below).

Saffron firmly believes that there are things that you can do to get your body and mind in an optimum state for conception. Here are her top 5:

1. Eat the right things

Nutrition is important in so many ways. Take folate as a single example. Many women are unaware that they’re genetically unable to absorb it, and take folic acid supplements not realising that this is of little use.

A registered nutritional therapist may be able to recommend methylated-folate which can bypass this genetic block. Folate is crucial to the developing embryo, an inability to absorb it can result in an inability to conceive or to carry a baby past the early embryonic stages.

2. Keep cool

Just a 1 degree increase in scrotal temperature can result in a 40% decrease in sperm concentration. This could be the difference between having healthy sperm hitting the target and low concentrations not getting to where they need to be. Chefs, enthusiastic cyclists, regular laptop users and even bikers with heated seats need to be aware of this.

3. Stress control

High cortisol levels are thought to impede fertility. Unfortunately experiencing trouble with conception may be the very thing that’s exacerbating stress levels in the first place. Hypnotherapy and aromatherapy are two ways to decrease anxiety and consequently cortisol.

4. Watch your weight

Being very overweight or underweight can cause fertility issues. Whilst in men being overweight has been shown to affect sperm quality and quantity, weight reduction in women has been linked to improved fertility in all forms of fertility treatment. Exercise will help people to lose weight but also improve mood, relieve stress and increase blood flow to the reproduction organs.

5. Timing is everything

Sometimes it can be simplest things that appear to be preventing contraception when actually conception isn’t even possible. Conception needs to take place within 24 hours of the egg being released. This means sex should happen regularly within the 5 days prior to ovulation (sperm having a 5 day longevity) and for the 24 hours following. If a couple are like rabbits for weeks, get bored and then stop for this crucial period then their chances of conception are dramatically reduced. However this doesn’t mean that ejaculation is pointless at other times of the month. Sperm should be as fresh as possible, the best way to do this is to produce it regularly!

Mind, Body, Fertility Workshop is a practical one-day workshop to help individuals or couples gain unique insights and information for both mind and body. There will be opportunities for your questions be  answered by our team of experts and we will help you to decrease symptoms of stress by practicing multiple relaxation and stress reduction techniques

  • Reduce the feelings of isolation related to infertility
  • Take away practical knowledge to help learn more about your body & your mind’s role in conception
  • Experience support from people who are going through a similar experience.
  • FREE goody bag to take home worth £50.

Date:  Saturday 21st May, 2016

Time:  9am – 6pm

Venue:  Thame Barn Centre, Church Road, Thame, Oxfordshire OX9 3AJ  www.thamebarnscentre.co.uk

Costs: £195 each. £300 for couples.

More information is available www.facebook.com/MindandBodyFertilityworkshop

To Book http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/mind-body-fertility-workshop-tickets-21015175957?aff=es2 



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