5 ways to spoil yourself pre-baby

Mamas-to-be: make the time for yourself while you have it!

Whether it’s your first baby or your third, every mama-to-be is entitled to a little spoiling pre-baby. After all pregnancy isn’t always the glowy and gorgeous experience its cracked up to be, labour is (for most) no picnic, and a baby will pretty much rule out any pampering in the near future. So, for all pregnant women out there (particularly those in the latter stages), here are our top ways to indulge yourself in pregnancy. Our key advice: make the time for yourself while you have it!

1. Haircut and highlights

After the baby comes, you will scarcely have time to wash your own hair, never mind spend three hours in the hairdresser reading magazines while someone does your highlights. Try to schedule a  visit in the weeks immediately before due date to give you maximum time before you have to visit again.

2. Pedi

Whether it’s a summer baby or a winter one, there is something infinitely cheering about looking down at one’s feet in the throws of labour and seeing a row of freshly painted coral pink toenails. Try to book one in as near to due date as possible – come breastfeeding time, those little pink toes will continue to lift your spirits, reminding you in those sleep-deprived weeks to follow that, yes, there is life beyond lactation.

3. Spa weekend away (toddlers not invited)IMG_0355

The third trimester is a brilliant time to go away for a spoiling weekend away. If it’s your first baby, it’s a lovely last thing to do as a couple before life changes rather drastically; if you’re getting into multiples, ditch the existing brood with your husband and go with a friend. We would advise doing this no later than month eight (you don’t want to go into labour while you’re away as one of our friends nearly did); going somewhere reasonably close to home (i.e. no more than 1 or 2 hours away); and making sure the hotel has great food and a decent spa. We can highly recommend Barnsley House in the Cotswolds (see pic).

3. Pregnancy massage

Even if you’re not usually into massages, in the last trimester, a pregnancy massage can be just the ticket to soothe away those little twinges and aches that inevitably occur when you’re carrying a big bump all day and probably sleeping quite awkwardly at night. If you can find one that allows you to lie on your front (with bump and boobs positioned in three strategically placed holes), all the better. Otherwise, you’ll be made to lie on your left-hand side, which is still great of course, but not quite as luxurious as lying on your front after so many months of side-sleeping.

4. Acupuncture/Reflexology

Aside from being incredibly helpful for any aches or pains or pregnancy side-effects you may be experiencing, these treatments are often very relaxing and a great way to treat yourself in the month or so leading up to labour. The optimum time to schedule a visit is between weeks 34-36 when both treatments can also be very helpful in getting baby into the correct position for a (hopefully) short and complication-free labour.

5. Buy yourself something nice to wear

If you’re feeling fat and cumbersome in the last trimester and have had it up to HERE with your tired old maternity leggings and baggy old tops, for goodness sake, buy yourself something new to see you through the last stretch. If you don’t want to buy a dress or top that you’re only going to wear for a couple of months (fyi, in our view totally worth it), make it a bangle or a necklace – or a new lipstick – that you can continue to enjoy afterwards. Bump or not, a girl needs to feel her best sometimes.


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