Toothpaste, Flowers And Organic Veg: 6 Of The Best Subscriptions For Mamas

I can’t walk down the street at the moment without some nice young chap offering me a subscription for fresh flowers or boxes of fruit and veg or pre-chopped meals for you to cook yourself.

The meal service wasn’t for me – I don’t need my olive oil measured out for me, thanks – but I am enjoying the flowers (see below) and the veg boxes.

Here is our pick of the best subscription services for busy mums:

For a rainy day

We came across Trunkaroo kits via their Christmas boxes and now we’re hooked.

It’s basically a monthly subscription service for creatives aged three to eight, with a focus on making STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) projects. Each trunk has a theme: Growing Seeds and Arctic Explorers for example– and contains everything you need for hands-on making projects. We like the way it is gender neutral and educational and there are several activities per box.

You can sign up for a one-off box, a three, six or 12-month subscription, paid monthly with the option to cancel at any time. See

To brighten up your home

Everyone in South West London is an amateur florist these days, thanks to Freddie’s Flowers and their weekly flower arranging instructions. It’s not cheap (£22 per box) but there is something so exciting about receiving the weekly bunch and arranging them in a vase. And you can put your subscription on hold any time you like, which is what I’ve done as the arrangements can often last more than a fortnight.

My only issue with Freddie’s Flowers is that friends arrive in my kitchen as say “I’ve got those flowers…”. There’s something rather disappointing about half of London having the same flowers in their vase, arranged in exactly the same way.

For shiny teeth

Taylor’s 32 Toothpaste is amazing. Who would have thought that fennel would taste nice in toothpaste? Or grapefruit? But they do and what’s more, Taylor’s is 100 per cent natural. We are using it on ourselves and on the kids, too. Definitely recommend.

For your time of the month

Ohne supply biodegradable 100 per cent organic tampons to your door “because we’re calling bull on tampons made with pesticides and other junk being wrapped like harmless, delightful sweets”.

Relax babe – they’ve got you covered.  “Only you really know your period (and sometimes even the closest relationships throw up surprises), so if things get a bit irregular, or you ordered way too many tampons last month, or you’d just like something else, then let us know. Adjust, pause or cancel at any time.”

For more information see

There’s also, too, which does liners and pads as well as tampons.

“Our products contain no chemicals, without compromise on protection or comfort – our tampons are made of 100% certified organic cotton and are biodegradable, hypoallergenic and free from chemicals and synthetic fibres commonly found in tampons, whilst our pads contain 100% eco-friendly and renewable materials.”

For smooth legs delivers razors straight through your letterbox.

Say goodbye to expensive razors and say hello to a low cost subscription from £5 per month. We haven’t tried this yet but it sounds pretty good as we HATE getting our legs waxed. Each of the three razors is comparable with big brand razors you’d buy on the high street. And whilst you won’t notice any difference in quality, you will notice the difference in price. You choose the handle of your choice, and whether you want 3 or 5 blade razors. You can change your preferences (or cancel) anytime.

Replacing your razor blades regularly is more hygienic because bacteria builds up in razor blades over time and that can cause irritation. Blunt blades also cause razor burn/rash (irritation whilst shaving) because they require more pressure than a sharp blade. And we all know that red, itchy feeling from a blunt razor. Using fresh Friction Free Shaving (FFS) blades means closer, cleaner and smoother shaves. Your legs will thank you for it, apparently.

For a well-stocked larder

They say that your happiness can be traced to the contents of your fridge… this is definitely true for me. I know when I’m working too hard and not looking after everyone well enough because the fridge and larder are empty. Abel + Cole delivery boxes ensure this is never the case… and they also ensure you are guilt-tripped in to eating much more healthily than you might otherwise.

I don’t have these all the time as  I start getting over run with carrots and kiwi fruit but every couple of weeks it is great to stock up on vegetables and fruit.

I find a veg box also challenges me to try new recipes – got to use up all those artichokes!!

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