6 Instant Ways To Feel Better in Your Post-Baby Body

feeling better in your post baby body
New motherhood can be overwhelming at times

Bringing a life into the world is said to be one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences for any woman.

If you’ve recently given birth, however, it’s totally normal not to feel as confident in your skin as you did before.

With a whole new set of responsibilities to take on to ensure your newborn is well taken care of, it can be hard for new mums to look after themselves, too.

Research indicates that it can take more than three years for a woman’s self-esteem to return after the birth of a baby –  but who wants to wait until they start preschool to feel normal?

To help you get back to feeling your old self, here are a few things you can do to feel instantly better in your post-baby body.

Make Time for Yourself

During pregnancy and after, it’s only natural that your body will change. The clothes you wear will change too. But this doesn’t have to stop you using some of the same tricks you used before your  baby arrived – a flick of eyeliner and mascara can make you feel instantly more glamorous, for example. As can investing in a new pair of comfy trainers or a bag to carry around all your baby paraphernalia.

Treat yourself

If waxing and manicures were important to you pre baby; they shouldn’t have to stop now. While your partner looks after the baby, treat yourself to a mani-pedi or massage.

Or invest in some laser hair removal, to ensure you don’t have to go back to the beauty salon so often. See a reputable clinic such as thenewyorklaserclinic.co.uk for further information.

Take A Bath

Simple luxuries such as a bath or ordering in a really delicious takeaway are a great way to feel better about life. Don’t feel guilty for requesting some me time!

Ask for Help

Your family and friends are there to love and support you – don’t be afraid to shout out to them if you need help. If they offer to lend a hand, jump on it! Having someone to lighten the load can reduce stress and enable you to get some perspective after the birth.

Raise your heart rate

 Your body has been through a lot bringing a life into the world, so starting off slow but a brisk walk each day will release endorphins, which can boost your mood for the better.

5 A Day

It can be all too easy to reach for junk food to keep you going, however, you should also be packing in plenty of fruits and vegetables, too, along with healthy protein that keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Also consider taking a postnatal supplement to ensure you’re getting all the right nutrients.


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