How to look stylishly pregnant

You don’t need to buy a load of maternity wear. Normal clothes (loose fitting ones obviously) are a much better bet as you can wear them afterwards.

All you need is a some bump-friendly work skirts/ trousers/ shirts, a couple of pairs of jeans, a few tops and you’re set. You can still wear all your jackets and coats, just don’t do them up….I repeat…. don’t do up your coat when you’re pregnant.

Here are a few items that carried me through these past joyful eight months with semi decency:

Plain coloured clothes (yes, I know, boring)

I’ve learnt during this pregnancy that colour is not always my friend. Sure I wear light jeans and jackets but I’ve avoided stripes and colorful tops, they seem to make me look FAT. Long cardigans and stylish lightweight coats have been my go to.

Flat shoes

Pregnant in heels just looks wrong. I’ve stuck with stylish flats. Now is a good opportunity to invest in some really great flat shoes as you probably won’t feel like wearing heels straightaway after the baby either.


maternity style
Shoes: Jeans: AG Maternity Jeans at


I’ve lived in my jeans. Be so careful, though, with cheap maternity jeans, as they tend to look just that. You might want to invest in a couple of good pairs…AG, Citizens of Humanity and Paige for example. I’m trying to avoid leggings until the last month when I’ll have no choice. Although very comfy, leggings are not that flattering, ever really. Particularly worn under a dress. That is just a very confused look.

maternity style Jeans:Paige Maternity (

Great hair

One of the best things about pregnancy is that you usually, although not always, get thicker hair. For a flat head like me this is terribly exciting. So shell out on a great cut and wear in down. Some people say you shouldn’t get your hair coloured when you’re pregnant; I ignored this advice after the first three months.

Big pants, small pants

I have a lot of time for M&S big pants, particularly when I’m pregnant but sometimes you just don’t want a VPL (visible pantie line). For these occasions I give you Hanky Panky. They have revolutionized thong wearing, for me anyway. Even during pregnancy. Very exciting.


Now is the time to get into trainers. Nike light weight trainers are so good on those tired pregnant feet. I bought some in black and wear them with black jeans. I also like Converse, Superga and platformed Nike. But wear them with skinny jeans, not boot cut.

Patterned dresses

Aren’t weddings the most tiresome thing when you’re heavily pregnant? If you must wear a dress (a slightly depressing subject), go for something with a pattern… nothing too floaty as you’ll look huge… and stick to knee length or just below. Topshop, Ghost and American Apparel might work. Oh, and have fun drinking water while all your friends get wasted.


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