8 buggy accessories you can’t live without

Love them or loathe them, parents today are very fortunate when it comes to their buggies. Not only are they, on the whole, extremely light, easy to manoeuvre and quick to fold away, they come with a whole range of brilliant accessories to make life that bit easier to manage on the hoof. Here are some of our favourites.

Cup holdercup-holder

If only we had three arms. Alas, we only have two, and a buggy. And so, after spilling our much-needed morning flat white one too many times, we invested in one of these and haven’t looked back. Make sure you buy one that is compatible with your particular brand of buggy. Careful – some are flimsy and snap off if you catch them in the doorway. The Bugaboo variety is pleasingly robust in our experience


Essential buggy comfort for your little one, a footmuff keeps little ones cosy come winter and comfy come summer and is one of those accessories that are well worth investing in. Most buggies have an own-brand footmuff accessory that can be purchased separately to the buggy.

Shopping bag clipsUnknown

Very useful if you have a small basket or a bar-type handle that doesn’t allow for the hanging of shopping bags. Simply clip on and, hey-presto, you have a handy place to hang your handbag and any extra shopping/ clobber, though obviously you must take care not to overload (er, guilty). These Clippasafe ones from John Lewis are good.

Thermal Bag

We found this Phillips Avent Thermal Bag very useful for keeping bottles cool/warm on long days out as it attaches to the buggy (or your bag), allowing for easy retrieval when out and about.

Mummy Mitts233844729

Okay, it’s a bit Tamara Ecclestone, but after being given some of these from John Lewis for Christmas, we are total converts to the joys of Mummy Mitts. Simply attach them to your buggy in cold weather and pull your hands in and out as you come and go. No gloves needed and, yes, the daddies quite like them too.

Portable changing bag

One of our most useful buggy accessories, the Skip Hop Pronto Changing Bag from JoJo Maman Bébé clips to the handlebars of your buggy, or the straps of your handbag, allowing for instant access to nappy-changing facilities wherever you may be. With a fold out mat and storage compartments for nappies, wet wipes and nappy bags, it’s an incredibly useful piece of kit. Just don’t forget to load it up with nappies/wet wipes before you go out.

Snooze ShadeUnknown-1

The SnoozeShade is a simply brilliant buggy accessory for on-the-go naps, blocking out sunshine, wind and insects and providing a good sleep-sustaining blackout environment for your little one while you lunch/ shop/ get your nails done in peace. It’s also compatible with most single pushchairs, carrycots and travel systems.

Buggy Tool Belt

Good buggy management is all about easy access, which is why we love this Babymel Buggy Tool Belt. It clips to the handlebars of your buggy and features lots of pockets, ensuring that everything has its own place and can be grabbed in an instant without having to rummage around in your handbag for hours.


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