80s toys you should have kept for your kids

As a child I longed for one of those brown Fisher Price cassette recorders that every other child seemed to have. Three decades later I still maintain it was short-sighted of my parents not to buy me one.

Imagine how much fun my children could have making silly recordings with it now? RRP (on Ebay, now): £20
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I did have a Lo-Lo ball and now I need it back. Think how could it would be for pelvic floor exercises and toning those inner thighs? You can still buy them thank god… on Ocado…  clearly other middle class mums have got the same idea.

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My brutal parents made me give away my beloved My Little Pony Dream Castle to a neighbour’s daughter. I can’t be too bitter about it because they bought me a real pony instead but they should have kept it… these things sell for £50 on Ebay.

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When Alfie was a little younger he had great fun playing with one of these Fisher Price Activity Centres at a friend’s house (her parents had lovingly preserved all her old toys). It’s so much more robust than modern equivalents. I’ve been searching for one on Ebay (they sell for about £30) but no luck so far.

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Remember Popples? I didn’t have one. 

I did have a Monchhichi monkey, though. It even sucked its thumb. I can still remember its plasticky smell.  
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Keypers are another Eighties toy that fetch a small fortune on Ebay (if they’re in good condition). I didn’t have this beautiful pink-haired, purple-peaked swan with a key up its backside (wtf?) but I did have Fancy the tortoise, which I considered to be even more gorgeous.

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