Nina Raine’s Stories Review At National Theatre

Stories Nina Raine
We recommend you book ticket to Stories, Nina Raine's new play at the National Theatre.

Everyone loves a good story but what happens when the story of your own life is veering off in the wrong direction?

This is the situation we are presented with in Stories, Nina Raine’s brilliant new play at the National Theatre.

For Anna, the 39-year-old lead (played by Claudie Blakley) children are an intrinsic part of her story – yet she has just been unceremoniously dumped by her (much younger) boyfriend.

The play explores Anna’s decision to have a baby on her own and her search to find its father.

She delves into the realm of online sperm donors, asks her friends if their husbands might, perhaps, consider it, and dredges up men from her past to invite them, over a cup of tea, to be the father of her child.

There is a rock musician, a theatre director, an ex boyfriend, all played by Sam Troughton, who manages to make each encounter as funny as it is cringe-making and intensely sad.

Eventually Anna’s mother  breaks down on her behalf and proclaims her story is a tragedy.

Anna, however, is determined to reach her happy ending.

The problem is, that all this searching is taking time and her biological clock is ticking…

Stories is on until 28 November.

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