A sick-bug free Christmas? Take off your shoes!

Research shows that our shoes are festering with disgusting bugs that we don’t want in our home – so take your shoes off when you step through the door.

If you want to cut down the number of bugs in your home during cold and flu season, just take off your shoes. Nearly all types of bacteria, viruses and fungi can be found on the soles of our shoes, according to Chris Griffiths of HealthySole. Yuk!!

C-Difficile, a diarrhoea bug, which affects half a million people a year, is found on 39% of shoes

Experts have found that organisms living on shoes have a 99% transfer rate to floors and surfaces throughout the home. Unsurprisingly, the most at risk of infection to these dangerous pathogens are children and the elderly with poor immune systems, which can be problematic, especially for young families with children of crawling age.

Even if this is enough to put you off EVER wearing your shoes in the house again, will you have the nerve to tell your guests to go shoeless, too?

According to research by Turtle Mat, a Gloucestershire-based door mat provider, men are more likely to ask their guests to take their shoes off in comparison to women. Around 22% of men say they always get people to remove their shoes versus 17% of women.

Girls, perhaps it is time to get tougher? There’s 90 per cent chance that your shoes carry Colform, an organism that originates from faecal matter, according to studies, while C-Difficile, a diarrhoea bug, which affects half a million people a year, is found on 39% of shoes.

So for a sick-bug free Christmas – take off your shoes!!

For more info, visit www.turtlemat.co.uk


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