After dark ideas for exploring outdoors

Clocks changing, Halloween, Bonfire Night and a full moon, what a busy fun few weeks. This time of year always reminds me of one of my favourite books, Funnybones written by the fabulous duo Janet and Alan Ahlberg. It’s a Funnyboneshilarious story of some very silly nocturnal skeletons and a reminder that dark evenings don’t have to be depressing and spent indoors all snuggled up, even though we enjoy those too.

In fact, with the full moon and the weather so mild at the moment, why not take your kids on a fun a end-of-day adventure and explore the great outdoors under the cover of darkness.

Here are some of the things you’ll need.

A Dark Explorer’s checklist

A Torch

Torch fun

For showing the way, making shadows, spotting objects and making spooky faces.

Bright Clothes

keep safe from the traffic. Be bright, be seen. Stay warm.

Super Ears

Listen out for new sounds: hoots, squawks and squeaks!

Glowing Eyes

Look out for bright glowing eyes and guess who they belong to.

Magical Moon

Look out for the moon. What shape is it? Can you spot the Man in the Moon? Discuss the way the moon changes shape and the reasons why.

Twinkling Stars

Can you spot the stars? Point out any well known constellations e.g. The Plough or The Little Bear. You may be lucky and see a shooting star.

Wicked Words

Discuss words and their meanings relating to night time e.g. nocturnal, night, day and shadows.

Be bold, be brave, stay safe and embrace a night time walk, you never know what you may discover!

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