Anti jeggings zone: How to do jeans

All jeans by Gap
All jeans by Gap

I like Gap, not so much for their jumpers or kids pyjamas but for all things jeans related. That’s what they are good at: KIDS JEANS.

Skinny, wide leg, cool and preppy, whatever works for you they will at some point have it.

Here are my thoughts:

Girls: I know jeggings are most practical but once you start you will not be able to stop as the kid will find everything else uncomfortable. So don’t start, they don’t need to know about them. Jeggings don’t look like jeans they look like bad leggings. If you are lucky enough to own a girl, don’t waste her childhood in jeggings or leggings.

Boys: I personally don’t love those wide leg jeans. They turn even the sweetest looking boy into an American on holiday. I want to see those tiny little legs. Go red, go mustard, go green and do it all with a little belt.




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