Are you due a babymoon?

I had a slightly odd feeling about going on a babymoon. These pre-baby escapes are supposedly your last peaceful break together as a couple; doesn’t this sound  a tad depressing? No more last minute mini breaks or amazing i-escape deals…

It didn’t take much persuading though. With my pregnancy apps telling me now is “the time” for a holiday, I went into full on research mode. If this is the last holiday a deux it should be a good one!

With help from Bailey Robinson we decided to baby moon at Zighy Bay, a Six Senses resort in Oman – which luxury but not the bling type, which sounded right up our street.


The flying part worried me a bit and all people could talk to me about it seemed were ‘flight socks’….my mother reminded me daily that “in her day no one flew whilst pregnant'”. Obviously I forgot to pack the flight socks and had to buy more at the airport but I’d worried for nothing as at 24 weeks the six hour flight was extremely comfortable and easy.

I flew on my own so I could spend a special few days with a good friend in Dubai before I met my husband at the airport and we were transferred to Zighy Bay in under 2 hours.

Nothing could quite prepare us both for the approach to the resort – a windy mountainous drive with mountain goats (a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Dubai) and then a pause at the top for what was the most breath taking sight: a glistening village overlooking the clearest of waters…I’d read that people have been known to paraglide in and now I understand why!

Residents each have enormous villas with their own pool – we were in heaven from the word go

Residents each have enormous villas with their own pool – we were in heaven from the word go! Our ‘Experience Manager’ quickly noted down our reservation requests for dinners, the spa and yoga and then we were blissfully left to it. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe Zighy Bay (the goats really do pop up when you least expect it, each villa has its own bikes and no one really wears shoes in the day) but it’s safe to say that by day 2 we ‘d reached that zen like state where time seems to pass annoyingly quickly.


I hadn’t realised how much we needed this time together

I hadn’t realised how much we needed this time together. London life meant that we hadn’t had much time to really chat properly through our choice of baby names or indeed get to grips with much of the planning. With no distractions Zighy Bay gave us the time and space to do all this.

If we’re talking specifics real highlights were the sensitive facial in the spa, pre natal yoga at 7.30am on a rooftop overlooking the sea and the chance to try and become a paddle boarding aficionados! The food (and the views) at the restaurant also deserve mention – slow cooked lamb from a sandpit was a sensory overload for both me and the bump.

At dinner on night three I overheard an English father in his 60’s (somewhat aptly) explaining to his 20-something daughter what a Babymoon is. ‘I can’t believe that’s actually a thing – please please can that not really be an actual thing’ was her response ! I felt like storming over and saying how very much of a ‘thing’ it actually is. It’s only because I’m off the G&T’s that I held it together.

What did strike me throughout the week was how many couples there were with eight month + old babies (not that we ever heard a peep from any of them). All of them seemed to be enjoying it just as much as we were albeit with more ‘kit’, which was a real confidence boost.

Dipping in and out of ‘The Baby Whisperer’ on my sunbed made me realise that although what we’re embarking on is a huge undertaking, our next holiday will be even more special with a little person in tow.

If you get the chance, GO on a babymoon. Here are some ideas:


Alexander House, Sussex voted Conde Nast’s best hotel for Romance 2015!

The Pig, Brockenhurst: – a foodie’s haven!

Short Haul Europe

Santorini Grace – would be tricky to visit with a baby due to all the hills, so sneak in a trip now whilst you can!

La Surprise, South of France – this gorgeous, great value B&B doesn’t allow children so you’ll be guaranteed peace and quiet

Long Haul

Zighy Bay, Oman –

Le Constance Prince Meurice, Mauritius –





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