Are you suffering from Mummy-morphosis?

Are you suffering from Mummy-morphosis?

According to new research, more than half of us believe we’re becoming like our mothers… and it starts happening when we’re just 27-year-old.

It all starts with us taking on our mother’s habits, phrases and style… such as ironing underwear, making lists and carrying a ridiculously heavy handbag (alas, I’m guilty of all three).

Along with letting comfort (in my case high-waisted M&S briefs) win over style.


Do we care though? Not really.

The research, commissioned by florist Interflora, shows that rather than seeing our mummy-morphosis as a step in the wrong direction, 34 per cent of us embrace the change, considering it to be a “brilliant thing”.

More brilliant, though, is that men, according to the study, “turn into their mums” even earlier than we do.. aged 23. Talk about pot calling the kettle black …

Which of the most common “mum habits” have you adopted?

1. Hoarding carrier bags

2. Swapping Saturday nights on the town for Saturday nights in

3. Beginning to let comfort win over style

4. Always writing shopping lists

5. Often moaning about the weather

6. Having a bag that weighs a tonne

7. Constantly tidying up

8. Starting to complain more – especially about the weather and bad customer service

9. Buying in bulk when there’s an offer on at a supermarket

10. Having an emergency medical supplies stash

11. Developing a ‘phone voice’

12. Carrying an emergency pound coin in my purse

13. Ironing everything, including pillowcases and underwear

14. Modern music starts to sound the same

15. Carrying tissues up your sleeve

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