Ask Lulu: What Should I Call My Daughter’s Private Parts?

The conundrum of naming body parts... Lulu, our agony aunt, is here to help.

Dear Lulu,

Bit of an embarrassing one… I’m not sure what to call my daughter’s private parts.

I’m ok with bottom but what about the front? My sister’s daughter calls it her “fanny” and another friend has gone for “foo foo” with her girls.

I’ve also heard “muff” and when I was younger I called it my “front bottom”.

My parenting book tells me it should be a “vagina” or “vulva” but that seems too graphic and clinical.

Please help… she is 15 months so I’m getting to the time when she needs a word for it.

Yours Gwen, Chichester


Hi Gwen,

I wish I could give you a definitive answer to this tricky question but there isn’t one – it really is whatever feels right for you. 
I threw your question out to a group of ladies (thank you ladies!) of different ages, backgrounds and stages and everyone came back with a different answer.
Above all, we felt that what is most important thing is is that the girls in our care realise that their ‘private parts’ are just that. When the time comes, I suggest you explain this in an age-appropriate way.
Like you, my children grew up knowing their private parts as their front and back bottom, hardly original but it did the job. 
But it’s up to you. Perhaps try to use something that isn’t too babyish to ensure she won’t be embarrassed by it in the future. 
I hope this helps.
Lulu x
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