Best Children’s Cutlery Sets

It’s time for an overhaul! After much research, heres our pick of top quality children’s cutlery sets.

Such is the sorry state of our children’s cutlery basket that I’ve decided it’s time for an overhaul. The bottom of the basket is filled with miscellaneous plastic handles that have snapped off (don’t buy cutlery with plastic handles if you want it to last) and what remains is deemed too babyish by the six-year-old, who still finds adult cutlery too large and unwieldy.

Starting from scratch won’t be cheap but I’m telling myself that if I supply them beautiful knives and forks, they’ll reward me with beautiful table manners … 


Viner’s Everyday

Do take a look at Viner’s – it’s a specialist cutlery website with good value, good quality cutlery for adults, too. Their children’s ranges start at about £8 and they do sets for toddlers too.

Sam Turner MasterClass Cutlery

Best for value; Sam Turner is currently selling the four-piece MasterClass children’s cutlery set for £5. You’ll find you get sidetracked into buying other things too: placemats, for example, or Playmobil.

Arthur Price Woodland Cutlery

Aren’t these sweet? They’re not the cheapest at £18.95 for a set but they’re made of high quality stainless steel with colour jungle animals on the handles. Great for a Christening present or godchild’s birthday?

Amefa Safari Cutlery

Suitable for children ages four to six, with rounded knives and forks for safety and safari animals on the handle. The set comes in a colourful box. £22.

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