Book of the week: Amazing Daddy by Rachel Bright

Another touching, fun story from best-selling children's author, Rachel Bright.

There are lots of children’s books based around the ‘brilliant Daddy’ theme these days and, great though these are (credit where credit is due), there is a tendency for them to slip into cliché with Daddy often presented as the one being ‘brave’, doing DIY, watching telly, snoring, and playing football. The ‘marvellous mummy’ books (of which there are, strangely, much fewer) are equally guilty.

Amazing Daddy by Rachel Bright doesn’t avoid this entirely but it is, nevertheless, a great read with charming illustrations that accompany the rhyming text and show the close relationship between a Daddy panda and his adoring child. When I first read this with my daughter, she smiled and pointed in recognition of the many things illustrated that she also does with her Daddy and it has since become one of her and (funnily enough) her father’s favourite books.


Bath-time, riding on shoulders, cooking, snuggling up in bed reading stories, mowing the lawn, walking the dog; all sorts of activities are featured and the touching text makes whichever parent doing the reading realise just how appreciated and important these many shared moments with one’s children really are.

Amazing Daddy by Rachel Bright is published by Orchard Books, £11.99 (hardback), and is available to buy from 


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