Book of the week: Goodnight Already!

Bear is exhausted (a bit like you). He badly wants to go to sleep…. so he’s tucked himself up in bed and is just turning out the light….

When Duck arrives. Bear’s irritating next-door neighbour.

Duck isn’t sleepy at all (a bit like your child). He feels like hanging out …. with Bear.

The dialogue that plays out between poor, sleep-deprived Bear and “Duracel” Duck makes my boys squeal with laughter.

Meanwhile I enjoy putting on my best American accent (not necessary, but the book just cries out for it. I bet you end up doing it too).

I’ve read it so many times now that I’ve got the comic timing down to a tee. If getting them into bed has required some heavy duty growling, it is good to get them laughing again.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 09.48.25

Although, by the end of the book, while (spoiler alert) Duck is asleep, sadly, just like Bear, my boys are always wide awake and crying for me to read it to them again.


Goodnight Already! by John Jory and Benji Davies is available on Amazon 

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