Book review: Snail, Where Are You?


Snail, Where Are You? is a bit daunting at first…. words, where are you?! The 32 pages of retro illustrations by graphic artist Tomi Ungerer don’t feature any text until the last page.

From a toddler’s point of view (mine is two) this is not an issue of course. The wonderfully imaginative pictures say it all. And once I realised that the only three words you really need are “Snail, where are you?”, I started to enjoy it too.

As a book geared around a question, it is great for vocabulary building (colours, shapes and objects such as trombones, pipes, doric columns,ram’s horn). It’s also endlessly thought provoking: as we searched for the snail, Hector was fascinated to discover that an object can be one thing but look like something else.

It’s been hilarious to hear his take on this quirky book. Every time we read is a new story, more absurd than the last.

And he now find snails not just on the pages of the book but EVERYWHERE he looks.


  • Snail, Where Are You? (£8,95) is available to preorder here 


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