Book review: Teach Your Child to Sleep

A brilliant and practical resource grounded in over 30 years experience.

As any parent will know, teaching your child to sleep is not always as straightforward as it might seem and it is all too easy to fall into bad habits. But how can these habits be avoided? How can they be broken once established? And how can families all get more sleep?

Set up by Mandy Gurney and Tracey Marshall following their own experiences with sleep deprivation after having children, The Millpond Sleep Clinic is the only private sleep clinic in the UK to train NHS staff and boasts a 97 per cent success rate in resolving sleep issues in children.

The only sleep book you’ll ever need

The clinic’s internationally acclaimed – and now newly updated book, Teach Your Child to Sleep: solving sleep problems from newborn through childhood, is thus – in our minds anyway – the only sleep book you’ll ever need when facing these sorts of issues.

A fantastic resource for parents, Teach Your Child to Sleep offers sensible, compassionate advice and solutions that are (significantly) tailored to suit different parenting styles – the key, of course, being consistency.

This is an incredibly clear and easy to follow book that not only provides useful background on the science of sleep and changing patterns experienced by a young child, but offers clear guidance on how parents can help form good sleep habits (and avoid bad ones), while identifying and addressing specific sleep issues that may arise.

It seems a miracle that parents ever get any sleep at all – but they can and do

Night-waking, early rising, day-time naps, teething, colic, reflux, nightmares, bedtime battles – seeing all these issues written down, it seems a miracle that parents ever get any sleep at all – but they can and do and this book – grounded in over 30 years experience – has a clear solution for every scenario.

We particularly like the section dedicated to programmes implemented by real families, which not only instruct but encourage – something every parent needs when he or she feels shattered, trapped and depressed by a seemingly insurmountable sleep issue which can in fact be overcome. Take heart!

Teach Your Child to Sleep by The Millpond Sleep Clinic was first published in Great Britain in 2005. The new edition was released in February 2016 and is available on

For more information on The Millpond Sleep Clinic, visit


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