Brain Boosting Food For Happy Healthy Children

Smart Infused Fud
Smart Infused Fud
Smart Infused Füd is the the UK’s first and only range of frozen food, aimed at supporting the cognitive health in primary school aged children. It is also a life saver for those days when you run out of time or simply like to spend more time with your children, or on yourself :)

Here, Smart Infused Füd nutritionist, Jo Saunders, explores the key brain boosting nutrients out children need to help then thrive. Remember: the food our children eats does not simply help to keep them feeling full, it can impact the way they think, their mood and ability to learn.

Top brain boosting nutrients for children’s meals 


Protein is made up of “building blocks” known as amino acids that help to power our neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers in our brains. Protein is also key for growth and repair in rapidly growing bodies. Neurotransmitters play a role in how we think and how happy we feel, as well as how we sleep. Having some protein with each meal and snack can help keep us feeling happy and full of beans. Good sources of protein are meat, fish, tofu, eggs, lentils, beans, nuts & seeds. Each Smart Infused Füd meal has a generous protein content to help keep tummies full and brains well supported.


There is a family of 8 B vitamins, each playing a slightly different role, important for supporting our energy levels as well as optimal functioning of our brains and supporting our brains. B vitamins are found in red meat, chicken, fish, lentils, beans, brown rice, milk, cheese, almonds, sunflower seeds, avocadoes, broccoli, spinach and bananas. Our Fruity Chicken and Lamb Tagine are particularly high in the B vitamins, specifically B12 & B3 for normal functioning of both the immune and nervous system


A significant 80% of our brains are made of fat therefore we need a plentiful supply of good fats for our brains to function at their best. There are several studies showing a clear benefit of Omega 3 for older children in supporting cognitive performance and behaviour, improved reading, better attention and less hyperactivity, and even better sleep. Omega 3 fats, EPA & DHA, and are known as Essential Fatty Acids as they cannot be made by our body.

We can find them in oily fish like salmon, mackerel or sardines, eggs, nuts and seeds. We would recommend eating at least two portions of these foods.

Our yummy Omega 3 fishcakes are packed with Omega 3 from oily fish and flaxseed crumb. We will also soon be launching our delicious Fish Pie which combines salmon and haddock with plenty of vegetables in a tasty white sauce fuelled with some secret brain boosting nutrients.


Minerals help to make the many, many different processes in the body to work properly, from helping our muscles to relax to sparking our brains into gear. They work alongside the B vitamins as spark plugs. Magnesium can help us to worry less and relax more, and typically is used in higher quantities when we are experiencing stress and anxiety.


There is also an information highway between our gut and our brain, and back the other way from our brains to our gut. This is controlled by the Vagus Nerve. You will be familiar with the sensation of butterflies in your tummy when we are nervous or excited – this is a sign our brains and tummies are communicating. How and what we eat can help us to feel less nervous and cope with challenges more easily.

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Makes 10 fishcakes


100g smoked mackerel fillets

100g salmon

100g haddock

2 spring onions finely chopped

60g broccoli florets – just the tops, no stalks

300 maris piper potatoes – peeled and mashed

100g sweet potato

60g peas


2 X eggs beaten

100g doves gluten free flour

30g Flaxseeds

60g oats


1 Boil potatoes and sweet potatoes until soft enough to mash.

2 Cook salmon in a covered dish to allow it to steam cook, flake into pieces and allow to cool

3 Cook peas and broccoli florets. Finely chop the broccolli

4 Add he broccoli florets to the mash. Gently stir without breaking up the fish too much. Add in the peas and spring onions. Shape each fishcake (approx 70g per fish cake)

5 Place the oats and flaxseeds into a food processor and pulse  – you want some texture to remain

5 Get 3 plates – 2 eggs beaten, 100g gluten free flour and 1 plate with oat and flaxseeds mix. Coat with flour first, then egg and then the oat crust.

6 Cover and chill

7 In a frying pan heat a mix of coconut oil and sunflower oil until medium to high heat and pan fry each fishcake on both sides to create a crust.

At this stage you can chill them down and then freeze them


Smart Infused Füd is a range of frozen food with all-natural ingredients and a strong nutritional focus dedicated to mental health and wellbeing for children. Designed for 5-11 year olds, and enjoyed by everyone, we infuse each of our meals with special ingredients for an additional delicious brain boost. No preservatives, artificial flavourings or added sugar, finally a guilt free ready meal you can rely on for those days when you run out of time, or simply just don’t feel like cooking.


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