Cherry Healey: The Truth About “Healthy” Kids Snacks

Cherry Healey
Cherry Healey

As a mum, I feel passionately about the quality of children’s food, as it’s so important to give them the best start in life.

Being a parent often feels like you have a million plates spinning at once. Whether you’re on your way to after school swimming lessons, dashing to the dentist or on the longest car journey – snacks are needed. And although we want to provide the best for our kids, it isn’t always that easy.

What I really want is to find brands I can trust, because I’m too busy to check the back of every packet.

Some days I have time to check ingredients, these are my win days (I also smell like vanilla, I’ve cleaned the bathroom and the children have done their homework) and then there are other days, I’m rushing in, sweaty from work to collect the kids and just want to sit down and breathe. But either way, they need something to snack on and I want to know I can trust the food I’ve bought specifically for them.

It’s not about finding another reason to experience mum guilt, but instead is about empowering parents like myself to make good food choices.

There are so many claims out there like: ‘gluten free’, ‘no artificial ingredients’ and ‘nutritionist approved’. But, what do those claims really mean and can we trust them? When I started investigating, I was so shocked to find foods with added salt, flavourings and ingredients lists as long as my arm.

When you can get great flavour from ingredients, herbs and spices, why add anything unnecessary?

It’s really frustrating when you’ve been attracted to a brand which looks healthy and appears to have all the right credentials, then after you have fed it to your kids you realise it has a similar amount of added salt to a pack of adult crisps. What is that about?!

That’s not to say it’s all doom and gloom. There are some great snack foods on supermarket shelves but it’s good to be aware of misleading labelling. Now, I try to turn over the pack and look for: fewer ingredients and ingredients I recognise. When my two were little if I offered them healthy snacks they were happy.

Now they’re a little older I’d sometimes give them whatever they wanted for fear of them not being happy, but I then realised that if you turn up with snacks that you know aren’t packed with sugar and salt, but still taste good, they don’t question it!

If they go to a party I want them to be able to eat whatever they want and have ALL the fun, but at home, as a staple, it’s good to know that the snacks are full of goodness.

I want companies to ensure there is no added salt in their baby and toddler snacks.

Really salty, fatty snacks are a sensory overload and make other food seem really bland and tasteless. Why can’t more brands emulate Organix who have a simple policy of no added salt and a clear No Junk Promise.

This campaign is about improving nutritional standards across the baby and toddler food aisle.

I want parents to join me in campaigning for #FoodYouCanTrust.






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