When Should Your Child Be Starting Music Lessons?

Piano and drama teacher Tanya Ravljen explains how you can develop your child's musical ear and when is the right time for music lessons.

If you have noticed that your child loves to sing along to songs or play on imaginary drums, it is a good idea to start developing their ear.

There is plenty of research claiming that there is a “window of opportunity” from birth up to age of nine for developing music sensibility.

Don’t force it, though. First, let the child express a desire to learn music; if we force them it might discourage them from the art form altogether.

You can start introducing them to music without a tutor.

Have a playlist of nursery rhymes in your car, encourage them to sing and perform throughout the day, and if you have a piano at home and you know a few basics, you can introduce them to the instrument by firstly, letting them explore it on your own and then start introducing them to some music patterns.

When they’re very little, you can sign up for baby music classes, such as Monkey Music and Fruity Tunes, where your child will be exposed to different kinds of instruments to help them develop a positive and meaningful relationship with music.

Once the child is around three years old, it may be time to get a proper tutor in to help them identify different rhythms and melodies.

By age five, a child should start with more formalised lessons. Learning the notes, reading music. Depending on the child, at around age 7, they can start learning the pieces for their grade exams.

Think of it as riding a bike or learning a new language. These skills become natural as we grow, which is very important for fluid musical performance.

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