Children’s Book of the Month: The Lion Inside

A charming book by Rachel Bright and Jim Field to be enjoyed by all ages.

Children across the UK will be dressing up for World Book Day today, celebrating the joy of books and all the wonderful characters that come out of them.

To mark the occasion, we had to tell you about a charming new children’s book by Rachel Bright and winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, Jim Field, called ‘The Lion Inside’ which brought a tear to our eye on first reading (it happens a lot).


It tells the story of a timid little African mouse who is trod on and forgotten by all the other animals, but who dreams of being a little less meek so that he might make some friends. One day, he plucks up the courage to approach the big brave lion to ask him if he could teach him how to roar. To his great surprise, the lion turns out to be terrified of mice!

Older children will appreciate the moral of the story as the mouse becomes friends with the lion and realises that everyone has a mouse and a lion inside, no matter what their size.


Meanwhile, younger children will love looking at the fun, vibrant illustrations of all the animals – zebras, giraffes, hippos and elephants – and laughing at all the noises they (mummy or daddy) make as the story unfolds. ROAAAARRRR!

The Lion Inside is published by Orchard Books, £6.99, and is available to buy from 

To find out more about World Book Day, visit


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