Christmas Driving You Crazy? Read This And Breathe …

Down with Christmas stress...
Down with Christmas stress...
Normal daily family life can often be hectic and challenging so why not choose to make the Christmas holidays a time for memory making and simple reconnection with those you love the most.

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed with busy days and too much to do before the big F.C. finally comes down the chimney? You’re not the only one!

With Christmas Fairs, Nativity Plays and Carol Concerts taking over in the sparkly way that they do, life can become full on and frantic and, frankly, a bit mad.

It’s not as if you get a break from work to go to Christmas parties and other festive occasions. No, normal work schedules continue at a pace; breakfast still needs to be put on the table, washing dried, homework done and the piano still needs practicing.

And somehow in amongst all the festive mayhem and daily routine you have to find, miraculously, the time to present shop and wrap, stuff stockings, menu plan and order an enormous future grocery delivery.

Thank goodness for online shopping I have to quietly admit.

Any wonder then that you might feel a little singed and overdone before Christmas day even arrives?

Now is the time to STOP, take a breath and remember that one of the wonderful things about Christmas is it means holidays will soon be with us.

There is almost nothing better than those precious peaceful days between Christmas and the New Year, the perfect time to plan a pause and make space for downtime.

Here’s some easy ways to make some holiday family downtime-

    • Don’t be afraid to say no to complicated invitations that involve travel and late nights.
    • Spent lots of time hanging out as a family at home.
    • Keep to routine with meal times and early nights for everyone including you whenever you can – this may sound boring but it’s definitely worth it.
    • Make time for teatime at the kitchen table, pop the kettle on, fill up the teapot and before you know it you’ll have the family joining you too.
    • Play card games.
    • Put your favourite Christmas soundtracks on and use music to bring Christmas cheer or a bit of peace to the house when you most need it.
    • Choose a favourite Christmas film or series to watch with the whole family, the Chronicles of Narnia are a seasonal treat and were repeatedly my children’s favourite.
    • Get the children to write, direct and act out their very own play with you as their audience.
    • Make popcorn.
    • Play board games.
    • Firmly limit all screen time, mean what you say.
    • Write joint family thank you letters. Save paper by using
    • Have a jigsaw puzzle on the go in a permanent shared space for anyone to return to at anytime.
    • Have proper cosy nap/siesta/snooze or reading time after lunch everyday during the holidays and then…
    • Get the wellies on and go out into the fresh air for lots of a walks, bike/scooter rides in the park or up and down some country lanes.


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