Dear Lulu: Help! My Son’s Superhero Obsession Is Making Him Aggressive

Superheroes are everywhere. You can buy superhero themed dressing up costumes, TV, Lego, clothing and birthday party paraphernalia. But what do you do if they're making your child aggressive? Lulu has answers...

Dear Lulu,

My son has become superhero obsessed and I’m not sure I like it.

What is wrong with Thomas the Tank and Fireman Sam? I don’t like the aggression that seems to consume him whenever he puts on his batman and spiderman costumes – he is obsessed with “killing baddies” and fighting. He dismisses his other toys as being either “babyish” or “girlish”.

I’ve tried banning his costumes but he seems to play superhero games at his friends houses too.

What do you suggest? If I need to “get real” then fine but if there is a way to deal with this then please let me know.


Petra K

Dear Petra,

I can only imagine what it must be like to have a superhero obsessed son in the house, it sounds exhausting, it also sounds as if being a superhero is giving your son the confidence to act in ways that you’d rather he didn’t. 

Being a ‘normal’ superhero can sometimes lead to play that is restricted to someone else’s story, perhaps now is the right time to turn that story on its head?

Superheroes have some very good shared characteristics, typically they like to save the world, rescue damsels, stand up for the good and protect the people. All excellent traits, traits that definitely need to be discussed, encouraged and applauded!

Perhaps it’s time for your son and his friends to get their creative juices going and invent their own super heroes, heroes that work for the good of all?

My suggestion would be to put away the shop bought superhero costumes and fill a ‘dressing up box’ full of some second-hand colourful clothes, material, tea towels and almost anything that might ignite your son’s curiosity and interest.

With a little help from you, your son can make his very own defender for the good with their very own characteristics, costumes, and magic!  

Good luck and please let me know how you get on!

Lulu x 

PS Just for the record boys and baddies and sticks and guns are all part of a phase, one that will pass but until it does try to appreciate (!) that being a superhero can be a wonderful thing 😉

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