Dear Lulu: How Do I Bring Laughter And Light Into Our Daily Routine?

Life can feel terribly serious, yet you want your children to have carefree childhoods. Our agony aunt Lulu Luckock is here to help.

A brilliant question for our agony aunt, Lulu, this week, one that parents often find themselves wondering… how can we be bright and fun when there’s so much daily grind to get through?

Lulu has some sage words as always.

Dear Lulu,

I notice you have a teacher’s background on top of being a mummy of three. I have two girls who are six and nearly four and I have a teacher background, too. I took a break in my work two years ago in order to be full time mummy.

My question for you is this: how oh how do I bring in the lighter side of life with laughter and jokes when conquering the daily routine?

My girls are actually brilliant with the routine, it’s when something happens, when a little life lesson is needed that I want to make situations brighter and lighter with laughter. I know they respond better with that but I tend to be firm and appear frustrated or cross, when I’m not really but am trying to make an important point.

I want more laughter in my life. I feel it has gone ( it could be because we have just had a six week holiday…).

I need your advice so much as I am really positive but this is getting me down

Thank you,


Dear TH,

Thank you for your email and the brilliant question.

Coming from a teachers background I think I know just how hard you are probably trying to bring up your own chicks!

I bet too that you are doing a great job but don’t give yourself credit for it? Lucky girls!

Right now I think lots of us could do with bringing back a fun and lighter side to our lives. Far too many of us are taking ourselves way too seriously and this is making some of us dull and our lives rather boring.

Sometimes I think we are trying too hard to do everything ‘right’ and this can cause the light to go out, with little time for laughter.

A daily routine is very necessary and it’s great to hear your girls are really good at it; routine keeps the show on the road and keeps everyone feeling safe.

We need to leave spaces in the every day for spontaneity and freedom, though. This is how you can bring back a lighter side to life

It’s all too easy, living in our busy, and often frantic world to overschedule our lives.

Why not have a go at reducing the organised activities in your families weekly schedule right now, right at the beginning of the school year?

See if making time for doing less in term time makes more space in the daily routine for fun, light and laughter for everyone in the family – you included!

And just before I go… as a parent you sometimes have to be firm and cross especially if you feel you need to make a valid point, that is absolutely fine.

You are in charge and it’s your job as a good parent to show your children what is right and what is wrong.

Just choose the battles you really need to fight and remember, as you said, confrontation can often be avoided by seeing the funny side of the situation. Laughter then acts as a balm and a cure to all sorts of tricky scenarios, ones that could otherwise become complicated and messy!

If we stop and take a breath before reacting we then find the space to choose the way we want to act.

Thank you for your question – it has reminded me that we all need to make more space in my life for laughter and light especially with the winter approaching!

Please do get back in touch if I can help in any other way.


Lulu x

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