Eat Sleep Love’s top 5 breastfeeding accessories

Laura Slater, founder of baby and nursery boutique, Eat Sleep Love in Blackheath, SE London, recommends her best buys for breastfeeding…

Olli Ella Mo-Ma Glider Feeding Chair

Breastfeeding, particularly in the first few weeks can take a long time so it is important to sit in a comfortable chair that supports your back and arms.
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This chair has arm rests far enough apart and at the right height so you can cradle your baby easily. The pillow offers support in the lower back and the gentle rocking motion is soothing.

Ergo baby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow

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Having a firm nursing pillow will ensure that baby is in a comfortable tummy to tummy position and that Mum doesn’t get uncomfortable trying to keep a soft pillow supporting the baby. I really like how this fits so perfectly around the waist.

Lansinoh Lanolin

Cracked nipples are a real annoyance and can make breastfeeding a toe curling experience. There is no reason to suffer and a specialist nipple cream really will help to soothe nipples while they are getting used to being fed from.

4-5Mothers need not worry as it is safe for the baby to feed while using this product.

Mamma Pads

Most Mums need to use breast pads, some for only the first few days and weeks of breast feeding and others for the entirety. Washable or re-usable breast pads can work out as a much cheaper option over the course of breast feeding and are more ecologically friendly.

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Unlike regular pads which collect the milk these soft silicone pads gently close the milk ducts between feeds allowing them to open again when removed.

Medela Breast Pumps

Using a breast pump gives Dad the opportunity to be involved in feeds and Mum some flexibility with her time. Being able to freeze milk and use it at a later date is particularly useful.


An electric pump is more efficient than a manual pump.

About Eat Sleep Love

As a mother of two young boys Laura knows first hand that there is a lot to consider when becoming a parent and with her new service she hopes that you will relax on a comfy chair in the tranquil setting of her shop, whilst she guides you to find the baby products that are perfect for your lifestyle, budget and tastes.

She makes sure that your list of items contains all that you will need for those first few weeks from breast pumps to baby bed linen, she makes sure that you have all of your essential items to pack in your hospital bag as well as the car seat for you to take your baby home in and the cot they will sleep in every night.

The service is for both first time parents and for those adapting to the requirements of a growing family. She will help in your search for a second or double pushchair, a new car seat or provide some inspiration for your baby or toddler’s bedroom.

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