Great Gift Ideas For New Mums

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New motherhood can be overwhelming at times
Gift ideas for new mums that don't involve sleep suits and board books...

When someone you know has a baby, it’s hugely tempting to run to the nearest baby shop and buy loads of cute things for the new bairn – which is fine, of course.

But what about the poor new mama?

Having just been through the trauma of birth, she’s sure to appreciate some heartfelt gifts that are practical, helpful or indulgent.

So with that in mind, here are some great gift ideas for all those gorgeous new mums out there:

A Food Parcel

Let’s face it – how many new parents have time to cook when they’re nursing a newborn?


So why not give them a much-needed break from ready meals and takeaways with your very own food parcel.

This could include a fabulous array of snacks, treats and fresh fruit and veg.

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Or you could even cook up some tasty homemade meals that they can freeze and stick in the microwave as and when they’re ready.

A Hamper 

Following on from the above, you could extend it into an all-singing hamper with food, drinks and some indulgent must-haves fora new  mum.

letter box-sized hamper for new mums
letter box-sized hamper for new mums

From all those things she couldn’t enjoy while she was pregnant (pate, wine, coffee, soft cheese…) to candles and bath stuff, all of these little essentials will add up to a really great gift.

A Watch

OK, so this might seem an almost ironic gift idea – what new mum has any time on their hands?

However, with time becoming a precious commodity, having a watch on hand is a great way to keep track of what’s going on (time between feeds, etc.) and it’s also a lovely keepsake that marks this special occasion, reminding mums to take some time to themselves every now and again.

Brands like Henry London offer on-trend and classic designs, so you’re sure to find something that’s in keeping with their personality.

A watch could be a poignant gift
A watch could be a poignant gift

A TV or Music Subscription 

Because she’s not going to be getting out of the house much, a new mama may be limited to daytime TV when the baby’s asleep or feeding.

So instead, why not let them indulge in their favourite programmes, films or music with a year’s subscription to a service?

Or, an Amazon voucher so they can buy/download their favourite books is a wonderful idea too.

An Hour of Your Time 

Cleaning, doing a food shop or simply looking after the baby are all time-consuming tasks that this new mum’s going to have to do.

Offering them an hour of your time to help out will mean the world.

Whether you look after the newborn while they’re taking a long, hot bath or you whizz around with a vacuum and duster, taking an hour out of your day to help them may be worth more than any gift.

Even if you just indulge them in adult conversation for an hour after dad’s gone back to work may be enough!

Trust us, any new mum is sure to appreciate any of the aforementioned ideas immensely – just make sure you also call beforehand.

It can often feel like you’ve got no time to yourself when everyone’s flocking round to visit.

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