Gym kit for bumps

You can probably get away with wearing your normal gym kit in trimester one but if you’re going to keep exercising after that (as you should!) you’ll need some dedicated maternity work out gear. It took me a while to find it but it does exist!

The most important thing to buy is a well-fitted sports bra – you’ll need LOADS of support, particularly if your boobs are sore. John Lewis and M&S both have some great ones. Make sure you get all your bras professionally fitted while you are pregnant.

Here are a few of my favourite sportswear pieces for sweating it out during pregnancy.  Then all you need is a good pair of trainers, your water bottle  (preferably toxic-free) and a good playlist on your iPod.

I like to eat a banana before any exercise to give me an energy boost and afterwards I throw on an American Apparel hoodie – super comfy and bump covering– and snack on a few almonds.  

Happy training! x

Wild Cut Leggins £80

These aren’t “maternity” leggings but they’re stretchy and wonderfully supportive. Plus the side stripe leads the eye away from a growing bump.

Reptile & Multi Leggins Compression £65

Again, not “maternity” wear but look at these prints! They give the appearance of slimmer legs (brilliant) and the high waisted band helps support the tummy. I’m still wearing mine in trimester 3.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 20.36.21Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 20.19.21

Mesa Tank £35

The first three months of my pregnancy I looked as if I’d eaten too many pies! So I liked to wear tops that would cover the little bulge. The Mesa Tank from did the trick perfectly.

 Sabrina Razor – Singlette Tank £30

As did this singlette, currently reduced from £60.

Maternity leggings £49.99

As your bump starts to grow, you might need to buy some well-fitted maternity leggings that give you more support. I invested in these from – they do them in full length and capri (£44.99)

FittaMamma Pregnancy Yog top with leggings and capris


Supportive maternity workout tops 

Of course you can just wear a larger T-shirt but also have some great tops for yoga, pilates and running. The pink one is a high support pregnancy exercise top and there are also pastel coloured vests with slogans.




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