Health Basics You Need to Teach Your Children

Left to their own devices, what child wouldn’t stuff their faces with sweets and go to bed at midnight? If we can instil healthy habits, however, we’ll show them how to live a longer life.

Here are a few tips:

Practice Portion Control

Regardless of whether you eat the healthiest food on the planet or not, your portion sizes will determine your weight. There is a maximum number of calories your body needs to survive, and going over this number will result in weight gain. From a young age, your children should learn this so that it becomes a habit that they practice the rest of their lives.

Start early by dishing up smaller plates for the whole family and teach your children to reach for fruits and vegetables if they are still hungry. 

Moderate Sugar Intake

Children love sugar. It will always be the one thing they will want to eat in crazy amounts. Try to treat sugar as a luxury, only to be enjoyed at certain events. By controlling their sugar intake, you lessen the chances of your family developing health conditions like type 2 diabetes.

For a guide on type 2 treatment options, The London Diabetes Centre is very helpful. The organisation has diabetology specialists that are specialised in treating both type 1 and 2 diabetes, as well as the gestational type that occurs during pregnancy. With The London Diabetes Centre, you can also choose remote consultation packages that can be conducted from the comfort of your lounge.

Prioritise sleep

Children who sleep better, perform better during the day. Children need more sleep the younger they are, but sleeping too much in the teenage years can be bad for their physical health. Know how much sleep is needed at different ages and train your children accordingly.

Exercise every day

This doesn’t have to mean hardcore coaching, it could be a fun game in the park. Exercise is proven to boost happiness and positivity both for adults and children. Encourage them to play outside more instead of being on the TV or in front of the computer all day.

PS Don’t forget to teach your children to brush their teeth not once, but twice a day, and when they’ve got big teeth they should start flossing, too. as well as to floss after every meal.

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