How To Combat Child-Related Messiness In The Home

Minimalism just isn't a vibe that works with children in the house... But you don't have to let your house go completely. Here are some tips to help organise the family home.

As a parent you’ll probably realise just how hard it is to keep your home looking half  respectable when you have little ones running around nonstop, getting their toys out to play with and never putting them back etc.

This can become awfully frustrating at times but then you want your child to be happy and play with their friends and be silly together …  

It would all be fine if it wasn’t left to you to tidy everything back up again.

Even if you do tell them clear up after themselves, let’s face it, you’ll still have to do it again afterwards because it will never be quite how you want it.

This is just part of what being a parent – clutter, mess, random bits of junk art left about the place –  but there are things you can do to make your house more organised. 

Here goes…

The living room

The living room shoulders most of the devastation, given it is the place where the kids tend to bring – and leave – their toys as well as eat snacks and mess around with cushions and your possessions such as CDs and photo frames.

I’ve spent hours and hours rationalising toys into boxes  to make clearing them up easier (I’ve even colour coded the Lego, yep) and then storing them in cupboards but a far faster way of tidying is to invest in a few big baskets. Baskets are more aesthetic than plastic boxes, so I don’t mind leaving them around the place… log baskets from the Basket Company store a whole load of toys

Also, maybe introduce a rule that no one is allowed to eat in the sitting room… easier said than done when they demand honey toast during their evening TV fix, I know.

The bedroom

When your children are around three, we think it’s ok to start giving them a little bit more responsibility – i.e. ensuring their bedroom is tidy. This means asking them to make their beds, open the curtains and ensure the floor is clear. (There’s a good blog about this here).  

If they need a little extra motivation, you could start a rewards chart that results in a fun weekend treat or activity.

A good boss always incentives his minions, right?

The bathroom

If you’re used to walking into a bathroom with random bath toys and shampoo bottles strewn about the place then join the club.

One simple solution to get rid of this mess is to get yourself some cabinets from stores like Tap Warehouse.

They have a wide range of products available, like flooring vanity units with a basin fitted inside. These not only look stunning and modern, but it gives you and your family a place to put all of your mess inside.



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