How To Create A Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve boxes
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Yes, we didn’t know they were a thing either.

Apparently they are, though, and as cynical as we are inclined to be about new high street-fueled “traditions”, we find ourselves rather tempted to create CEBs for our own children this year.

What could be better than your child tottering downstairs after bath time to discover a beautiful box under the tree containing new slippers and bathrobes and a bedtime story and a toy to cuddle while they drift of the sleep on Christmas Eve?

Sorry, we’re getting carried away. Here are some Christmas Eve box ideas. Let us know if you have any others.

Ps we don’t think you need to bother wrapping up the contents of a Christmas Eve box… arrange the hoard carefully inside with a message from the big man himself.

The box …

Of course any gift box would do … but what about one of these personalised wooden numbers from You can then bring it out again next year, when you are forced to continue the tradition you have started.

The contents

One blog I read suggested that a Christmas Eve box can contain practical, every day things that you wouldn’t usually give for Christmas. We disagree. Fine, fill your box with practical items but at least make sure they are elevated, improved versions –  the fluffiest socks, the sweetest book with the prettiest illustrations. In no particular order, here are some possible box fillers….

BabyBoo flannel pjs

The traditional Christmas pyjama in tartan with the option to personalise the pocket with your child’s initials. Available in three colours, for children aged 0 to eight. £18 each, with an additional £5 for the personalised front pocket.

A colouring book and crayons

This gorgeous colouring book, which suits all ages, is produced in connection with the National Gallery.

It features colour images of some of the gallery’s best loved paintings, including Monet’s Irises, plus black and white versions for you to colour yourself. There are also blank frames for doodling and loads of stickers. Throw in a pack of simple Crayola crayons, too.


How Brown Mouse Kept Christmas

This is the book my parents always used to read me on Christmas Eve and I now read it to my children. It is a sweet and memorable story and the younger children adore the pictures. Unfortunately copies are difficult to come by… you might get lucky on Amazon, though. At the time of going live with this article, there was one left on If you can’t find it, other options for a Christmas story are Alfie’s Christmas and the Jolly Christmas Postman.

A personalised hairbrush


This is a hairbrush little ones will want to hang onto. It might even persuade them to brush their hair. Made using natural bristles, they come in beautiful designs for girls and boys: love birds, flamingoes, soldiers… take your pick. You can also personalise them with the child’s name. Shiny, healthy, brushed hair, here we come! (From £20)


A new bathrobe

Give your child the 5* treatment with these cotton and towelling bathrobes by Tielle Love Luxury, used by clients at The Dorchester, no less. For an extra £7.50 you can get your child’s name embroidered on the back. Great for drying after a bath or swim, or worn over PJs for warmth and cosiness!

A generous 15% discount is being offered to our readers, just enter SLEEP15  when ordering before Christmas Eve.

Pillow mist 

This magical, BioOrganic Sleep Time Pillow Mist is designed to help little ones drift off into a peaceful, snoozy sleep. The delicate infusion of flower waters combines with Rose quartz crystal water to help soothe and calm on Christmas Eve.

A new friend

We’ve done the matchbox mouse boxes from Maileg (if you haven’t, you need to!) but there is always room in our home for a new friend like this gorgeous reindeer.

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