How to get your children domesticated

Make your children useful this summer...
Make your children useful this summer...

It can be a battle trying to get the kids to help around the house – especially if it’s taking them away from their free time to play.

But, not all chores should be left to the parents, according to cleaning expert Dr. Beckmann: sleep-deprived and hard-working mums and dads can tempt their children into doing their bit.

How to get your children domesticated

Mix it up

Scrap the weekly routine and mix it up. The same day and same chores each week is boring and kids will be less likely to want to stick to it.

They’re constantly looking for something new to do every 15 minutes, so if you make cleaning spontaneous with a different job it will be easier to ask them to help out. And, they will start to know which job they prefer to do and may even volunteer next time.

Partner up

Whether it’s mum and dad with child or siblings together, pairing up for a task is much more fun than being responsible for the whole thing.

Remember, it takes children a lot longer if you want it done properly, they’re only little after all.

So partnering up for the washing and drying, or vacuuming and dusting will make it go quicker for them, and also teach them essential skills.

Clean to a beat

Hit the play button on your music device and blast their favourite tunes out through the house. If they can sing along to their favourite song whilst folding the washing, they will get through it in no time.


Why not turn some of the chores into a game? If you have more than one child, time them against each other, who can tidy the bedroom the fastest? Kids love to compete with one another.


The traditional way to tempt older kids into cleaning is to reward them with some pocket money. You are less likely to hear them moaning if they will get treats at the end.

See below for Dr. Beckmann’s pocket money guide.

Recommended pocket money guide

Folding the washing


Separating the washing (lights and darks)




Washing dishes


Drying dishes




Tidying bedroom


Sweeping and mopping


Washing car



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