How To Help Your Child Feel Grateful

how to encourage gratitude in your children
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Gratitude is a game-changer. The earlier your children start to develop an attitude for gratitude the fuller their glass will be as they grow up.

An idea – why not pause before you eat your food and encourage your children to give thanks to everything and everyone who has helped to get it onto the plate?

Help your children to get involved by engaging them with the story behind their food; the journey it has been on and the people behind that journey.

The following little ditty is most definitely very cheesy but it captures the imagination of littles ones around the table…

Start with the sunshine and the rain and all the hard-working farmers near and far.

From plums on a plate to jam in a jar how ​does ​our ​food manage to travel so far?

 Bakers, butchers and fishermen too all work hard the whole night through; they get our food upon our plates and all within its sell-by date!

Supermarket stackers and teams on tankers, delivery drivers and deep-sea divers – who can you add to this list of saints who do their jobs without complaint? 

And before I end don’t forget the hard-working breadwinners who cook your hot dinners.

Go give them a hug, wrap them up in your love and say thank you too for all they do!




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