Self catered holiday? How to make cooking for a baby much easier

My holiday packing style has always involved lists but since having a baby these have evolved somewhat from the scribbled little bits of paper lying around the house reminding me what not to forget.

Ahead of our first family summer holiday to France I made a comprehensive list of everything we needed to pack for baby Charles from clothes, to toys to  kitchen kit and on completion of the list and the packing that followed it, I felt fairly sure we had most of the important stuff covered.

Not so.

On arriving in France it transpired that while yes we did have most of what we needed (so glad we packed the black out blind as the curtains in Charles’ room were pretty ineffectual!) there were a few kitchen gadgets that would have made all the difference.

Here are my recommendations:

A good kitchen knife

This may sound ridiculous but if your baby is at solid food eating stage and you are planning to cook for them yourself a sharp kitchen knife is essential! On our first morning of holiday I opened the kitchen drawers to find the bluntest smallest knife you could possibly imagine – not the best for chopping lots of veg.

Your own vegetable peeler

Continuing on the kitchen theme, it is definitely worth packing your own peeler. I don’t know what it is about vegetable peeler’s in holiday homes but they are either non existent or really inefficient. You don’t want to be spending lots of time messing about with a rubbish peeler when you could be out in the sun.

A potato masher

If your baby is at the mashed food stage it’s worth taking your own masher in case there isn’t one in the place you are staying. Yes you can use a fork, but having a proper masher will just save you time and who wants to spending all their holiday cooking!


You can obviously freestyle it but for more inspiration it’s worth having a few pics of your babies favourite recipes on your phone – rather than taking the whole recipe book with you. There are a couple of recipes in the Ella’s Kitchen Purple One book that Charles adores and even if he’s under the weather I know he’ll always wolf them down.

And finally

Pack much more food than you think you will need for your baby for travelling because you just never know when delays are going to crop up and you don’t want to feel you have to ration out those rice cakes….

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